Marketing Websites

  1. Strategy

    We bring you through multiple rounds of information architecture reviews

  2. Design

    Our Designers create a compelling design that speaks to your target audience

  3. Code

    Our Developers create "responsive" code so that your site looks great on any device

  4. Manage

    We customize Wordpress as a CMS, making it easy to update content and images

Our mantra for marketing websites is “strategy first!” We take time to understand your target audience and goals and then create a solution that works towards those goals.

You’ll work closely with our team as we plan the structure of your site, your design, and code. We’ll get you up and running with a content management system that makes it easy for your team to continue to make updates after we’ve completed your project. Plus, we’ll tie in analytics so you can track how well the site is performing.

Our marketing websites are “responsive”, which means that their layouts are automatically optimized for whatever device they are being viewed on, be it a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Slice of Lime knows what they're really good at - they're the special forces of making beautiful marketing sites and great user interfaces.

Paul Berberian CEO, Orbotix

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