Sphero 2.0

Smart Site for the world’s Smartest Ball

How we created a one of a kind
experience for the smartest toy on
the block.


This Robot Is Ready To Roll

Sphero is part robot, part ball, and all fun. Slice of Lime worked with Orbotix on the initial 1.0 product launch in 2011, and in the two years since, Orbotix had taken their site in-house for a redesign while also steadily growing their presence through press, events, and social media. The admin framework was no longer able to adequately support their needs, the design needed a refresh, and they were about to launch a full product update in the fall.


It was time for a new site built from the bottom-up that would be easier to maintain, while also providing a new look and feel that that matched their product’s personality.

“Slice’s strategy-first approach helped build our confidence early on. We had a great experience all the way through! ”

Paul Berberian, CEO, Orbotix


Simple yet, hard to explain

Unless you’ve seen, felt or played with a Sphero, it can be a little difficult to understand exactly what it is. On top of that Sphero has an app store of its own with a loyal developer community creating new games on top of their platform. This meant that there was a fair amount of creative work to be done to tell the whole Sphero story in a simple, compelling way.


Over the course of the project, our team worked closely with Sphero’s team to iterate and land on the most effective approach in communicating Sphero’s “awesomeness”. Succinct, personable copy, engaging images and videos, and dead simple navigation were some of the methods we used to create a visual narrative that speaks to Sphero’s core audience.

Design & Development

Flexible and Fun

We leveraged a customized WordPress admin to give them full control of the site, while adaptable page templates maintain a high quality, art directed feel on the front-end.


The templates also support creative user interactions for videos, features, and specs that can be tweaked and modified at any time. The design is consistent from desktop browsers down to mobile devices, letting their products and voice shine through.

The customized admin also has full multi-language support, allowing them to easily create pages as they expand their reach. In addition, we provided fully designed templates for their new e-commerce platform that ensured the look and feel would be consistent when customers made online purchases.


“The process was very collaborative and the result was a website that we’re really happy with.”

Kelly Zachos, VP of Marketing


We Have Liftoff

Since launching the refreshed site, Orbotix has seen a 127% increase in page views, with users staying on the site 38% longer, and the overall bounce rate decreasing 17%.


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