Our UX Strategy and UI Design process is fine tuned to work seamlessly with development teams. We’ve adopted an agile approach to our work and thrive in an environment that values daily standup meetings, weekly “sprints”, and regular updates to wireframes and design.

We love the idea of sitting side by side with developers to talk through usability issues. As we pass our wireframe documents and design files to developers, we format them so that they are easily understood and simple to integrate into your application’s prototype. This includes adhering to a grid-system, using elements form popular frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, and thinking through both desktop and mobile versions of the application.

We see our projects as highly collaborative with developers. Even when the bulk of our work is done, we remain connected to the project to provide any additional assets. We also conduct “usability audits”, sitting side-by-side with developers, to ensure that the final application is respecting the original intent of the interaction the team discussed.

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Slice of Lime is a fantastic company to work with because they are really casual, they're laid back, and very prompt - you really feel like they are a part of your team.

Paul Berberian CEO, Orbotix

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