Denver Startup Week

What a great week!

Slice of Lime sponsored Denver Startup Week last week and had a wonderful time giving talks, participating on panels, and partying with the 5,000+ people in attendance. With so many events to attend, it’s impossible to do everything. Here’s a rundown of our week and the fun that we had:

We Pre-Partied

Some people couldn’t wait until the actual event, so for those anxious souls there was “Startup Bash”


We Had Lunch with Seth Godin

The Denver Startup Week Luncheon had incredible local speakers as well as nationally celebrated Seth Godin to share their wisdom on startups and entrepreneurialism.


We Partied

Tech Cocktail was a great way to end the first day of the week and also sent the best pitch of the night, CampusScene, to Vegas!


We Dropped Some Knowledge

Slice of Lime was seen speaking throughout the week on topics like “Disruptive Innovation Theory”, “Mobile UX”, “How to Hire a UX/UI person”, and “Startup Cribs.”


We Rapid Prototyped

Things got messy as we led a work session around rapid prototyping, tearing into cardboard boxes, string, tape, and bubble gum to create new prototypes every 5 minutes.


We Hired

Slice of Lime brought on two new people this week! We all went out to lunch at Pints Pub to welcome them and celebrate. As a surprise, everyone got the brand new Sphero 2.0!


We Celebrated

We ended the week with a gigantic party right outside of our office at Galvanize. As the sun set, the music kept going and happy Denver Startup Week people danced into the night. Thanks Denver Startup Week for an excellent and well run event. We were proud to be a part of it and even more proud to be part of such an awesome startup community!


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