Creating our own amazing experiences

On the way out of the Slice of Lime office, you’ll see the words in the picture above. “Create Amazing Experiences.”

This is how we think about all things at our company. We apply it in three ways:

  1. We want the websites and web/mobile apps that we work on to be outstanding experiences for our clients’ users.
  2. We want our clients to feel that their experience with us, our process, and our people, was amazing.
  3. We want to create amazing experiences for our team.

Creating amazing experiences for the Slice of Lime team takes many forms. We have superb benefits and vacation plans, we encourage education and growth (we recently sent a couple of Slice of Limers to New York City to chat with senior Facebook people about what’s next for mobile), and we simply have a lot of fun together.

A couple of weeks ago, we had our “Holiday Party” at a luxury home in Winter Park. Big enough to sleep everyone and their families, we lounged around for a snowy weekend, made elaborate meals, reflected on what a great year 2011 was for us, and chatted about the future.

Life is made up of many experiences. At Slice of Lime, we strive to make our “work life” exceptional, unique, and rewarding – an “amazing experience.” Here’s to 2012 and the experiences that lie ahead.