Why We’re Sponsoring Boulder Startup Week

Boulder Startup Week is a 5-day event that showcases the unique startup culture of Boulder. Every day is filled with meet up groups, panel discussions, casual coffee gatherings, and great conversation. Experiencing Boulder’s wonderful hiking, biking, and sun-filled days is mixed into the schedule as well.

For 12 years, Slice of Lime has had a strong connection with startups. We built our business around understanding the needs and the pace in which startups work. Our marketing and user interface design has led to great relationships with many inspiring companies, many of them local to Boulder.

From these experiences, we’ve learned that the startup culture can have a profound effect on a region’s entrepreneurial spirit. In our time at Slice of Lime, we’ve watched Boulder become somewhat of a mecca for serious startups.These days, every other door you see on Pearl Street in Boulder is a relatively new company working hard on their idea. When you walk into a cafe, teams are huddled around computers working on a prototype or venture capital pitch. The culture of innovation and collaboration in Boulder feels similar to what it might have been like in other eras such as with the beat poets or impressionist painters.

Our love of startups has led to sponsoring several organizations through the years. To name just a few:

  • We’ve sponsored and mentored TechStars since its first day. Now it’s the #1 startup accelerator in the world.
  • We’ve sponsored Venture Capital in the Rockies for the past 7 years, bringing entrepreneurs together with venture capital money.
  • We’ve sponsored and judged Startup Weekend which brings together teams to work and oftentimes FINISH a startup idea in a weekend.

We’re proud to add Boulder Startup Week to our list of events and organizations that we support. Beyond continuing the dialogue around how to make your startup a success, we love that Boulder Startup Week promotes our beautiful city of Boulder. Part of the sponsorship works to fly in people from out of town. Attracting more like-minded people can only secure Boulder as a wonderful place to get your next big idea off the ground.

Check out the site and sign up for some of the events – most of them are free!

We look forward to seeing you there!

About The Author


Kevin is the Founder and CEO at Slice of Lime. He has a passion for melding the business goals of clients with the needs of real users to create amazing online experiences.

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