Amazing Team Experiences

At Slice of Lime we talk a lot about “Creating Amazing Experiences.” This applies to the work we do as well as the way we want our clients to feel when working with us. It also means that we fill our year with unique and amazing experiences for our team. Earlier this year, we all went and visited with Conan O’Brien in the green room.

But, we haven’t stopped there. Here’s just a few more things we’ve done this year as a team:


We were all high rollers in our own, private VIP suite at the last Avalanche game of the season.



We were fast and furious racing in performance go-carts at about 45 MPH at Unser Racing.



We were dizzy as we climbed over 14,000 feet to summit Quandary Peak to soak in the views.


Here’s to creating some more “amazing experiences” in 2014!

And hey, want to join our team? We’re hiring! We’d love to meet you!

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