We use research, strategy, and design to create engaging user experiences.

  • nexia-devices

    Nexia Home Intelligence

    A lean approach to smarter connected homes

    As more of the devices in your home become connected, the user experience around controlling those devices becomes more and more complex.

    Learn about how Slice of Lime created a simple, smart, and extremely powerful application for Nexia Home Intelligence, an Ingersoll Rand company.

  • penton-comp

    New Hope

    Simplifying Big Data

    Lots of data doesn’t necessarily translate into business value unless you concentrate on how to interact with and visualize that data.

    Learn how we turned “big data” on its head for the natural foods industry by making a trend analysis application that focuses on real user needs.

  • likefolio-panel-img


    Rapid Prototyping for Success

    By quickly testing your concept with real users, you can get invaluable feedback from potential users of your product.

    Learn about how Slice of Lime created a prototype for LikeFolio in 4 weeks,  testing the validity of turning social sharing into stock trading.

  • sphero

    Sphero 2.0

    Marketing a Product that is Hard to Describe

    How do you introduce a product to the world that is the first of its kind? In our opinion, you show it.

    Learn about how Slice of Lime helped Orbotix reach record sales for Sphero, a robotic ball that you control with your smart phone.

Our Approach To Great Work

The success we bring our clients stems from our solid process, user-centered design, focus on business goals, and passionate team of senior-level people. We collaborate, test, and validate our ideas to create easy to use experiences that support your business strategy.

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